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Get your own Signature and Achiements for all your characters. The signature updates with your level, your stats and calculate your gearscore (based on your item level), while Achiements makes you able to compare your progress with other players.

All you need to do is create an account, download the rpgo_CharacterProfiler addon, and then upload a character profile.

If you are in a Guild, you may also want to download the rpgo_GuildProfiler addon, which will append Guild information to your character profile.

Your signatures and achievements will be updated each time you upload the character profile, or when you (or another from your guild) uploads a guild profile.

The Thaliz Project
2015-05-30 17:53:16
What is Thaliz?
Thaliz is a resurrection addon, mainly for Shamans, Paladins and Priests.
When activated, it search for characters to resurrect in priority: Ressers > Casters > Melee.

Thaliz also 'listens' to which targets other ressers are currently resurrecting to make raid recovery faster. And last but not least, it writes a configurable random message in Raid / Party chat when starting a res.

* Download Thaliz and install under /Interface/addons
* Start World of Warcraft
* Create a macro which does "/thaliz res", and move this to your action bar where you want it!
* Type "/thaliz cfg" and modify the resurrection messages to your need!
* Join a raid, and wait for people to die! Cool

* Coding: Mimma
* Testing & feedback: Buexx, Llinlol, Vikicow
* Name: Kindly provided by Thaliz

Download Link

Thaliz trailer on Youtube
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