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The Thaliz Project
2015-05-30 17:53:16
What is Thaliz?
Thaliz is a resurrection addon, mainly for Shamans, Paladins and Priests.
When activated, it search for characters to resurrect in priority: Ressers > Casters > Melee.

Thaliz also 'listens' to which targets other ressers are currently resurrecting to make raid recovery faster. And last but not least, it writes a configurable random message in Raid / Party chat when starting a res.

* Download Thaliz and install under /Interface/addons
* Start World of Warcraft
* Create a macro which does "/thaliz res", and move this to your action bar where you want it!
* Type "/thaliz cfg" and modify the resurrection messages to your need!
* Join a raid, and wait for people to die! Cool

* Coding: Mimma
* Testing & feedback: Buexx, Llinlol, Vikicow
* Name: Kindly provided by Thaliz

Download Link

Thaliz trailer on Youtube
More Upgrades!
2014-09-10 20:58:25

Ow, did I get your attention there? :-)

The site has just been upgraded with alot of changes, where only a small part of them are actually visible.

Here is a brief list:
* Comments added to Character module
* Comments added to News module (this!)
* Comments added to Screenshot module
* 30+ new achievements added.
* Bugfixes here, there and everywhere.

You can write comments as soon you are logged in, let your voice be heard!

Updated Armory
2014-08-31 15:16:36

The Armory has been upgraded alot of places:

* New (faster) web server
* New look'n'feel
* Easier character navigation
* Screenshot module (convert TGA to JPG)
* Many bugfixes here and there ...

There are more news incoming: more achievements, possible to add comments to characters, screenshots and news + more random right-side stats.

Random Screenshot
Dinner for winners! - by Dvargjavel
Highest Gearscore
Xadas (1873)

Cykablyat (1852)

Xadras (1635)

Jcarrillo (1545)

Jcarrillox (1536)

Sodan<Equilibrium> (1525)

Royalcoil<De Profundis> (1522)

Grooveshark<De Profundis> (1486)

Archbishoup (1481)

Medel<Certus Excessum> (1477)

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