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Guild DM
By: skoljosan, 2015-03-17 07:55:31

Yes this is a few of our guild members, doing Deadmines. <The Lannisters> is a guild in which, we all have fun and we joke all day long, but there's some times when we also can take the serious trip and answer questions from guild members correctly ( most of the time :) ). But naaah the vast majority of our conversations are jokes or funny stuff. :D

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Level 60! - by mimma
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Xadas (1873)

Cykablyat (1852)

Xadras (1635)

Jcarrillo (1545)

Jcarrillox (1536)

Sodan<Equilibrium> (1525)

Royalcoil<De Profundis> (1522)

Grooveshark<De Profundis> (1486)

Archbishoup (1481)

Medel<Certus Excessum> (1477)

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