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File Information: Questie v2.66
Author Aero/Schaka/Logonz/everyone else
File size 1.85 Mb.
Downloads 5081
Description Questie is a standalone Vanilla QuestHelper.

v2.66 Release Notes:

I have fully converted Questie to cache all quest data for active quests.
This means that Questie will no longer run as many function calls as it
used to each time you track and untrack a quest. In order to properly
cache quest data, it has to be tracked at least once I.E. appear in the
tracker list before untracking it. Once the quest data is cached, it will
update its data while you're doing the quest. You can toggle Questie on
and off using the Worldmap button to hide all the icons and objectives,
hunt for herbs with ease and still continue to track quests on your
QuestTracker or you can untrack everything and it will still update it's
local cache and will be correct when you add it back to your QuestTracker.
This should also significantly reduce the memory usage when you have
a large number of active quests on the QuestTracker.

Fixed a number of nil errors while trying to turn in quests.

Relocated the Questie Toggle button to a more noticeable location.

Added some more nil error checks to all quest management functions as
well as more logic to handle new and existing user databases to help
users in upgrade scenarios and to resolve database issues for certain
types of quests. I've run into several quests that aren't quite right or
contain wrong or missing entries. This can lead to stale cached quest
data for long quest chains that use the same name.

I've added a "cleanup" routine each time a user turns in a quest. If a
Pre-requisite quest exists, the function responsible for marking the
quest as complete in the database will crawl back through all the quests
before it and make sure they are also marked as complete
Installation Unzip under /interface/addons.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to "untrack" all your quests first before you run "/questie clearconfig". This is necessary otherwise Questie will freak out and you'll get a bunch of nil errors.
Uploader mimma, 2016-04-09 09:53:18
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