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File Information: Natur EnemyCastBar v5.4.8
Author Naturfreund
File size 165.1 Kb.
Downloads 18215
Description Displays a replication of your targets spell casting bar on your UI, which can be moved around.
Spell casting time is not something that is available to your WoW client, so I have provided cast times for most (if not all spells).
As talents can be a factor on the cast time of some spells, the lowest cast time possible is used
ie. all Shadow Bolt cast times will display at 2.5 seconds even though the player you have targetted doesnt have those specific talents.
Interruptions on your target, ie. they get hit, will not adjust the display on your cast bar because its impossible to know if it affected the cast.
Installation Unzip in /world of warcraft/interface/addons
Uploader Mimma, 2014-01-26 11:43:25
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