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File Information: Thaliz 1.2.1 Resurrection Addon
Author Mimma @
File size 12.6 Kb.
Downloads 690
Description This is a Resurrection addon mainly for Priests, Paladins and Shamans, but also supports Druids using Rebirth.

The addon automatically picks the next target to resurrect, prioritized so ressers are ressed first and no ressers will ress same target.

The resurrection message can be configured with up to 20 random messages.
Installation Unzip under /interface/addons
Uploader mimma, 2015-05-30 12:07:15
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Ding! - by mimma
Most common Horde classes
Warrior (18%)

Mage (14%)

Rogue (13%)

Shaman (13%)

Hunter (12%)

Warlock (11%)

Priest (11%)

Druid (8%)

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